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    Description of color laser toner

    Two-component toner (on behalf of the machine: most of the analog copiers) mainly for the developer and carrier, the developer relies on the carrier to move to the development roller and frictional charge, according to the same *** repulsion, Image development on OPC Dry single-group negative magnetic toner (on behalf of the machine: most of HP \ CANON laser printer) toner contains ferrosoferric oxide component, which is then adsorbed to the magnetic roller (developer roller) After the friction with the powder knife to capture the electrons, negatively charged, and evenly distributed on the magnet roller according to the same *** repulsion, hetero***ual phase absorption principle (of course, the suction must be greater than the magnetic force between the toner and the magnet roller) the image development OPC(Kyocera Toner) On the surface of the OPC, the surface of the OPC is uniformly negatively charged, and the negative electricity disappears or weakens in the areas to be developed after being exposed to light, and the inside of the OPC is positively charged.) Is transferred to the paper after being positively electrified by the transfer roller; , The resin in the toner is melted and permeated into the fibers of the paper under the action of high temperature and pressure to form the final printed matter. The toner also has a wax component to effectively separate the toner from the fixing film.

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    Xerox Ofis Yazıcıları

    Xerox Office Printers
    When you need high-quality and affordable office printers, you can start your quest in Xerox and end up in the same place. We invented the office edition 75 years ago. Our black and white and color printers and multifunction printers have won many awards and accolades ever since. When designing our laser printers, Solid Ink printers and LED printers, we attach importance to print quality, reliability and ease of use. From compact and affordable desktop printers to powerful networked printers, you can be sure that all office printers you choose will work smoothly, both now and in the future. To ensure that you always have the latest technology, we're adding innovative features to our office printers such as mobile printing, WiFi connectivity and high-level security.

    Office Printer Product Group
    Which Xerox office printer is right for you? Xerox® VersaLink® printers offer easy, instant cloud-based and mobile connectivity. VersaLink printers also have maximum security and are ready for immediate use without IT support. Xerox® Phaser® black-and-white and color printers are known for their high print speeds and high print quality in a compact device for small and medium-sized workgroups. Xerox® ColorQube® Solid Ink color printers deliver rich, vivid color prints. Solid Ink Technology also has a high environmental responsibility and low cost-per-page cost and low total cost of ownership.

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