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    Laser printer toner refill

    Believe it or not, I have been using my laser printer at home for many years and this is the first time ever the toner ran out of ink. So I am wondering what do people usually do: do they refill the toner by bringing it to a shop, buy a refill toner kit and refill it yourself, or sell it off and buy a new one? Is there any drawback for reusing the same toner for 10 years or above? Any comments would be welcome, thanks!

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    Your laser printer print very long period.

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    Does the Original Toner Refill
    Some of them are equivalent to toner and some are refilling toner. A Toner Refill company defends toner refills. Equivalent Toner defends equivalent toner in a company that sells.
    now we will compare you both in a neutral way.

    What is Toner Refilling?
    Briefly fill the toner powder into the empty toner. Toner Refill is very cheap, but very low in equivalent toner. We're gonna have to compare them in a minute.

    What are their losses?
    Inside the toner, the cylinder is bright blue or green. The drum, which is the part of the toner sticking out of the dust particles, is not long-lasting so that the text is sent from the computer. It does not have an infinite lifetime. There is a certain period of use that should be taken when the time is up. When it breaks, the text is corrupted. There will be differences in visible output. Lines begin to appear on the paper.

    Toner refilling has a large damage on your printer. Toner refilling is not carried out meticulously. It may damage your printer's mechanism.

    What is Equivalent Toner?
    Equivalent toners are cheap because they do not have a brand name. 8 out of 10 companies prefer Equivalent Toner. Since it is produced in a zero way, dust discharge etc. you do not encounter such situations. Refill can be done.

    Losses of Equivalent Toner?
    In fact there is not much more than just a warranty and trust issue. But don't worry we also provide 24 months warranty and return the items within 15 days and product exchange is available.

    REtech Bilişim Ribon Ureticisi Ve Muadil Toner Toptancısı

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