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  • PRP Solutions distances itself from ‘irresponsible’ China clones

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w185/forums/200/rickpics/PelikanPeople.jpgPRP Solutions GmbH has given the leadership of Sales and Marketing to two new heads. Both arrive in post with a powerful message to the sector, as the Pelikan printer consumables license holder looks to distance itself further from the disreputable ‘clones’ in the market.

    Manuel Pereira has considerable experience in the field of marketing, Reinder Dijkstra is very well versed in the sales area of printing. They are both now focussed on the perfect positioning of PRP Solutions in the printer supplies market.

    In a statement defining his new responsibilities, Manuel Pereira says: “My number one priority is to make sure that the market understands the clear differences between the irresponsible manufacturers of clone products and an operation with strong principles and engineering integrity like PRP Solutions.”

    “I worry that because OEMs often seem to be critical of the entire new-build part of the market, customers may be led into believing their only safe and sound option is to purchase OEM cartridges.” Reinder Dijkstra continues: “It is clear that PRP Solutions provides a reliable, IP-safe and cost-effective alternative. We belong to a group of manufacturers that does not wildly copy originals but fights for its place in the market through its own design excellence. Exactly the same level of IP protection is applied to our new-build products as is applied to the remanufactured part of our range.”

    Manuel Pereira adds: “We completely respect the intellectual property of OEMs, but, based on the strength of our own ideas and engineering solutions, we can offer cheaper alternative products that deliver a great business proposition to everyone involved in the process chain.”

    Manufacturing partner Print-Rite has over 2700 patents registered world wide of its own for engineering solutions, developed when the patent level of an OEM article is particularly high and cannot be ‘designed around’.

    “To us it is unacceptable if patents are not respected, and in this way we are completely in accord with OEMs. Like them, we welcome legal action being taken against the ‘copycat manufacturers’ who create an unsafe buying environment for uninformed businesses across Europe.”

    Print-Rite’s strong views on, and commitment to, the protection of intellectual property were a feature of a recent video interview with CEO Arnald Ho, by the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong. The interview can be viewed here.

    A short video on manufacturing partner Print-Rite – its heritage, resources and commitment to engineering innovation can be seen here