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  • Introducing Clover Services Group

    Clover Services Group

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w215/forums/200/rickpics/CloverSvcsGroup.jpgClover Technologies Group, a global leader in the imaging industry, has announced the launch of its newest division Clover Services Group. This dynamic new division offers a suite of business services designed to engage and attract prospects, provide top-notch support for their dealers, and drive forward the profitability of their businesses. Whether they are in need digital marketing, managed print service training, implementation, or management, printer repair and customer support training, nationwide printer service dispatch or a custom branded help desk, Clover Services Group provides a solution to fit every customer's individual needs.

    Clover Services Group offers three distinct business services to provide customers with what they need to successfully market, sell, support, and provide service to their customers.

    Digital Marketing Services
    Amplify digital marketing services provides customized content you needed to address targeted audiences and attract the buyer’s customers are looking for. The unique content will educate, answer critical questions, promote websites, and make companies more visible on search engines.

    Managed Print Services
    Axess Professional Services provides the tools to help dealers sell and manage a successful MPS program with their customer base. They provide everything from training, monitoring, and management to ensure dealers MPS engagements are profitable.

    Tech Training & Support Services
    The TechLink family of services provides customers with the technical and support tools they need to grow their business. From custom branded help desk to tech support and certified printer repair and customer service training, TechLink has highly skilled technicians to support all of a dealer’s product needs.

    Find out more information about how the above Clover Services Group business offerings can help increase your company's profit, visibility, and reputation by visiting www.cloverservices.com