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  • US B2B Digital Advertising Thrives amid the Coronavirus as Traditional B2B Spend Plummets

    Posted on emarketer.com by Jillian Ryan

    "Though the B2B digital ad market represents a small slice of total US digital ad spending, it is thriving as the coronavirus pandemic continues to plague parts of the world and hinder the economy.

    We forecast that US B2Bs will spend $8.14 billion on digital ads this year, up 22.6% from 2019 when spending was $6.64 billion. B2B digital ad spending growth in recent years has outstripped digital ad spending growth overall, with a CAGR from 2016 through 2019 of 24.7%, vs. 22.6% for all US digital advertising. We estimate that growth in B2B digital ad spending peaked in 2018 at 27.5%, falling almost 6 percentage points last year. But due to the pandemic and the unique conditions for B2B marketers who are rapidly shifting spending from in-person events, growth will re-accelerate this year by 22.6%". [Read More at emarketer.com]


    A note from our President:

    Reduction of trade shows and events have caused a big increase in B2B advertising. You can read about this in the article above.

    We have been aware of this trend and have been working on improving Ombe.com for several years and have learned a great deal to apply this knowledge to our website.

    Ombe.com is custom designed to serve the office machine and business equipment industry and almost all users are in that category.

    In the background we have been working on many things to upgrade our programming.

    We are excited to be able to introduce the new features on Ombe.com:

    • Improved ability to create your own ads.
    • Created an opportunity for customers to enhance their storefronts.
    • Added featured products with customized featured product emails.
    • 200 free listings you can change, update or delete any time.
    • Made it easy for you view statistics on the performance of your product listings.
    • Improved PayRede™ and order activity has increased.
    • Improved our marketing strategy to drive more traffic to Ombe.com that is industry targeted.

    As always, we offer free support if you need help or have a question. Ombesupport@Asaypub.com

    In an effort to encourage only real buyers to use Ombe.com, we require that users be registered on Ombe.com to use the PayRede™ tools to contact sellers. While users may reveal the seller’s phone number in a listing, the seller’s email address only becomes available to the buyer once they complete a PayRede™ request. Sellers should be aware that all visitors to OMBE.com have access to visit a seller’s website and view their phone number. We have no way to guarantee that every visitor to Ombe.com will be a legitimate buyer. The majority of PayRede™ request are usually from serious buyers.

    Roger Asay

    Questions? Contact us today
    417-781-9317 ext 210
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