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  • IIMAK Introduces New PM250 Wax/Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    IIMAK introduces PM250 wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon. This new “all purpose” ribbon generates beautiful prints with dark impressions on substrates, from rough papers to smooth synthetics. This is ideal for barcode labeling in food, medical, retail, automotive, building materials whenever enhanced durability is needed.

    PM250 is excellent for labeling goods subjected to rough handling or outdoor elements. The ink bonds to the label and resists scratch and smudge. This also makes PM250 ideal for compliance labeling. As we move into a “new normal”, visibility of products in the supply chain has become more critical than ever. Now, it is not just about avoiding chargebacks for labels that don’t scan. Failure to scan means people may not get essential items when needed. A wax/resin ribbon like PM250 provides an added level of performance to assure barcodes remain perfectly scannable throughout the supply chain.

    Developed and produced in IIMAK’s Western New York headquarters, the US Research and Development team formulated the new ink with the perfect mix of carnauba wax and specialty resins to produce bold, durable prints on paper and film labelstocks. Manufacturing PM250 encompasses advanced processes for ink making, high-speed multilayer gravure coating, and converting. IIMAK employs over 300 people in the US who are all focused on delivering outstanding customer care. The team is prepared to support partners with over 30 skus available to match all common label sizes, free samples and customizable promotional materials.

    PM250 is proven on labels including vellum, matte coated paper, semi-gloss, flood coats, synthetic paper and BOPP commonly used in all markets. PM250 wax/resin blend delivers a good balance of print quality and stock latitude when additional image durability is required.
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