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  • 5 Ways to Increase Sales in a Pandemic

    Posted on TheSalesHunter.com by Mark Hunter

    "Just because weíre in the middle of a pandemic does not mean there isnít business. There are still major opportunities in the marketplace. The only thing that is different from selling before the pandemic is how we view sales and our approach. Thereís a lot to share on this topic, but let me focus on 5 simple ways you can increase sales right now during a pandemic:

    Keep it simple! Donít sell the complex solution. Things are moving too fast and in all but a few situations, it can be difficult to make a 20-year decision or to agree to a capital expenditure. Like never before, companies are developing contingency budgets to cover every possible scenario. This means you need to take what you sell and break it down into the simplest of ideas. Rather than selling the customer on the product that requires a significant commitment of capital, focus on an entry level version they can treat as an expense.

    The complex decision will require multiple people and as a result, take more time. Things are changing too fast and are unpredictable for most companies to be able to make a long-term decision. You will allow yourself greater opportunities to help the customer by first selling them the simple solution and then building on it in the coming months.

    Speed sells! Make the decision-making process fast and easy. This is not the time to approach a prospect or customer with the in-depth review or the demo that shows off everything you can do. Keep the sales process simple, and allow the customer to drive the discussion. This means being willing to go deeper than ever in your conversations.

    The simpler you keep it, the more you can engage the customer, the faster they will see the value of how you can help them, and the faster they will be willing to make a decision. If there was ever a better time to ditch the presentation, itís now! Your goal is to keep it simple enough for the person youíre speaking with to be able to make the decision themselves. Speed sells!

    Donít forget every purchase involves emotion! You might think what you sell is based on economics, but letís be clear in the middle of a pandemic, economics donít carry the same weight. Many times, how the customer feels about you and the situation at hand is just as important as the financial aspect"...[Read more at TheSalesHunter.com]