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  • China Looks to Africa for Growth

    Posted on RTMworld.com by David Gibbons

    "According to a local industry expert, Africa is changing rapidly and is drawing a lot of attention from foreign investors and traders.

    Stuart Lacey
    Stuart Lacey

    Stuart Lacey (pictured) is a 30-year pioneer of the office equipment and supplies industry and is based in South Africa with business interests right across the African continent.

    “Yes, the Chinese are extending their One Belt, One Road initiative into a number of countries bringing investment and trade with them. But they are not alone. The Americans and Europeans are also proactive in the continent,” Lacey said.

    According to Lacey, the era of dictatorships made it difficult to grow business with confidence. “Many countries suffered decades of horrendous mismanagement and despotic rulers who would do virtually anything to stop the advancement of their people and hang on to power for as long as possible and at any cost. Tribalism and the occasional coup or war didn’t help either,” he added"… [Read more at RTMworld.com]