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  • What are TAA-Compliant Cartridges?

    Cartridge dealers in the United States have to provide a TAA-compliant solution in order to bid or win any U.S. GSA (general services administration) government contracts. Static Control has released a full line of TAA-compliant cartridges and realized that some customers may want more insight on what that means for them.

    TAA stands for Trade Agreements Act, and it requires that for some U.S. government agency contracts, agencies can only purchase goods that are made in the United States or selected designated countries.

    There are more than 125 countries that are designated countries, including U.S. neighbors Canada and Mexico. This link shows TAA Designed Countries as of August 2019: https://gsa.federalschedules.com/res...ted-countries/

    Three countries notably missing from TAA compliance are China, Russia and India – making some electrical equipment contracts difficult to win. Lying to the government about TAA compliance can result in a False Claim Act suit from the government which can impose major damages for defrauding government agencies.

    Have no fear, cartridge dealers! Static Control has a line of cartridges that meet your needs and we are continually expanding our offering.

    Static Control’s Lexmark® IP-Compliant line of cartridges is TAA-compliant and offers the peace of mind provided by IP compliance. Learn more about our Lexmark IP-compliant line HERE.

    We also offer a large line of remanufactured HP cartridges available in North America that includes popular selections such as the CE250A/X color series, CE390A, CC364A/X, CF226A/X, CF280X, CF287A/X, CE390A/X, CE505A/X and more.

    Offering a TAA-compliant line of cartridges is another step Static Control takes to ensure that we are meeting the business needs of our customers. To learn more about our TAA-compliant cartridges, CONTACT US or reach out to your sales representative.