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  • Which Cartridge is the Right Choice for Me?

    Posted on Static Control

    "The three most common types of OEM cartridges found in laser and ink printers are known as introductory, standard and high yield cartridges. Their PAGE YIELD refers to the number of pages a toner or ink jet cartridge prints until it is depleted. Page yield and price across the different sizes of cartridges is a factor in figuring out which solution is right for your application.

    What is an introductory/starter cartridge?
    Some printers when bought new include what is known as an introductory or starter cartridges. These cartridges are meant to get you printing out-of-the-box, but lack longevity due to their smaller hopper size only allowing a minimal amount of toner or ink. Introductory cartridges will not last as long as standard or high yield cartridges and are not a long-term solution for both individuals and businesses.

    What are standard cartridges?
    Standard cartridges are the most common in the printer market. Standard cartridges feature larger hoppers/ink reservoirs than introductory variations but smaller ones in comparison to high and extended yield cartridges. Because they are smaller and hold less toner or ink, they can be sold at a lower price but do not last for long periods of time. Standard cartridge page yields and price are often 40-50% less than high yield offerings and depending on usage, may be more cost beneficial."[Read more at Static Control]