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  • Why Every Business Needs A Paper Shredder

    Posted on arli.com

    "For every business today, security needs to be a top priority. Digital data can be locked up behind firewalls and encryption keeping it safe from prying eyes. However, many businesses still rely on paper-based information on a daily basis.

    Many security breaches happen when an errant piece of paper is taken, whether itís a confidential file on a desk or payroll information left at the printer. The best, and easiest, way to destroy potentially sensitive or unwanted documents is by using a paper shredder.

    Paper shredders are an easy to use, extremely effective way to get the job done with little hassle. A personal shredder in your home or office is an inexpensive solution that can take the risk out of throwing away documents like paid bills, bank statements or confidential information."[Reading more at arli.com]