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  • Aster Wins a Non-Infringing Final Determination in the ITC

    On May 20, the ITC (International Trade Commission) issued a notice:

    the U.S. International Trade Commission has determined to affirm the initial determination (ďIDĒ) (Order No. 40) of the presiding administrative law judge (ďALJĒ) granting certain respondentsí respective motions for summary determination of non-infringement. Accordingly, the Commission has determined to find no violation of section 337. The investigation is terminated.

    This notice affirmed the non-infringing initial determination and terminated the investigation accordingly, meaning all accused products do not infringe Canon's patents.

    Aster Graphics is pleased to see such a favorable decision, a result of Asterís significant investment in its own IP designs, IP research and product development. Aster has ascended to a leadership position in the imaging supply industry by producing products that are embedded with our own design innovations, many of which are protected by Asterís valid and enforceable U.S Patent and Trademark office registered patents.

    Aster products have never been subject to a seizure order and our product supply has never been interrupted. Aster became the first company to attain a solution to the 2012 337-ta-829 GEO by introducing our own Gear Tek products (covered by Asterís own U.S. Patent NO. 8,805,242) which was approved by the United States Customs. Similarly, during the 337-ta-918 investigation filed by Canon in 2014, Asterís Smart Gear products (covered by Asterís own U.S. Patent NO. 8,731,435) were approved by the United States Customs, and Aster again became the first company to overcome the GEO of 337-ta-918.

    About Aster Graphics:

    Aster Graphics is a global organization that produces and distributes printer consumable products. With operations in Asia, North America and Europe, Asterís customers are supported by knowledgeable company representatives that are close to the geographical markets served. Aster Graphics products are delivered through an extensive global network of wholesale, distributor and retail channel partners. Asterís main production facility is located in JiangXi, China and is led by the most experienced team of veterans in the industry, including patent, customs and international trade lawyers.

    Email: usasales@goaster.com; europe@goaster.com
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