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  • UII responds to Lexmark lawsuit

    Posted on TheRecycler.com

    Universal Imaging Industries, LLC has issued a response to the patent infringement lawsuit filed against it by Lexmark.

    "The Recycler reported earlier this week on the filing of the lawsuit in the United States District Court in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. In court papers viewed by The Recycler, Lexmark alleged that UII was “designing, manufacturing, and marketing infringing universal toner cartridge authentication devices” which could allow counterfeit and unauthorised devices to function with Lexmark printers.

    The response to Lexmark’s accusations, sent out by UII President Steven Miller, is set out here in full:

    'Universal Imaging Industries, LLC develops and manufactures its products with IP compliance as the top priority and UII does not infringe a single claim of Lexmark’s patents. This lawsuit is simply a tactic by Lexmark and its co-owned companies, Apex, Ninestar, and Static to stifle the remanufacturing industry so they can take over the industry and then stop selling chips like they did a few months ago...' " (Read more at www.therecycler.com]