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  • Combining two worlds: A visit to the China factories

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w200/forums/200/rickpics/Pelikan-PrintRite.jpgTwo months after the announcement of our joint alliance between Pelikan and Print-Rite, we look back on what can only be described as a hectic but inspiring transition period. With a traditional European brand company like Pelikan on the one hand; and an innovative and future-oriented company as Print-Rite on the other, many exciting opportunities lie ahead for the PRP Solutions team.

    Highest level of quality and safety

    Management teams from both companies had already had the opportunity to visit one another’s facilities, but now it was time for the rest of the team to see and feel with their own eyes. We travelled off to China to visit the Print-Rite offices and production facilities and to meet with our new colleagues. This visit was of importance to trust each other personally and to work together as one team. Moreover, it allowed us to guarantee that we can deliver the high quality and IP-safe products to our customers, which is part of our core value.

    Quality, performance and state of the art products are manufactured by Print-Rite. The technical experts were able to give a very clear picture of the production processes and more importantly their very high level of quality and control measures. They test performance, page yield and functionality of all cartridges and products that leave the factory. In joint agreement with the workforce, they monitor and tape all manual actions in the production process.

    Innovation to the max

    There are about 200 engineers working daily on new innovative research and development. This allows for the development of new technology to high end products with the up most respect for existing IP patents. We understand fully the importance of Print-Rite’s mindset towards its production and manufacturing as well as the costs that come with this. Investing heavily in developing products that respect the IP of the original printer manufacturer 100% is a hugely impressive strategy and way of working.

    Print-Rite produces the widest range of print related products. This includes remanufactured and new build cartridges, ribbons, textiles and 3d printing equipment. Production of the full product range of Pelikan cartridges has already started! It is amazing to see how efficient and organized they operate and with so much pride for what they do.

    During our visit, we were looking to see if they can live up to our “western” standard of quality. They can! We must admit it was far beyond the quality and efficiency we had ever seen before. It is fair to say, you cannot put everything that comes from China under the same umbrella.

    We feel even more confident now in our alliance and for what amazing possibilities lie ahead in the future!