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  • Overcome the Fear of Prospecting

    Posted on The Sales Hunter, by Mark Hunter

    https://static.ombe.com/slir/w100/forums/200/rickpics/MarkHunterCROP.jpg"To think you’re the only one who has a fear of prospecting would be a lie. They say the two most dreaded things are public speaking and taxes. I say there’s a third — having to prospect.

    It’s OK if you feel that way. I too felt that way at one time.

    You’re probably thinking, “How can anyone enjoy prospecting?” But I say it is possible to enjoy it. Whoa, did I use the words “enjoy” and “prospecting” in the same sentence? Yes, I did!

    Before we get to being able to enjoy prospecting, we first have to overcome the fear of prospecting..." [read more at www.thesaleshunter.com]