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  • Kodak Decides to Keep Prosper Inkjet Business, After All

    Posted on Printing Impressions, by Jim Hamilton

    "After more than a year of public statements that Kodak’s Enterprise Inkjet division was for sale, the company has decided to keep it. According to the press release there was “strong interest” and they had “multiple offers” but Kodak concluded that these “did not reflect the value of the business.” And so they will keep it and reclassify it under continuing operations (it had been switched to “discontinued”). Randy Vandagriff has been named the new president of the Enterprise Inkjet Division. Phil Cullimore, the previous division head, is leaving Kodak.https://static.ombe.com/slir/w85/forums/200/rickpics/KodakStream.jpg

    Last May in the months after Kodak’s decision to sell the division I wrote:

    Kodak Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Clarke suggested that a company with a larger sales and distribution footprint in digital printing markets would be better suited to help Prosper achieve its economic potential..." [read more at www.piworld.com]