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  • Remanufacturing the Lexmark CS517 Toner cartridges

    Lexmark CS517
    Lexmark CS517

    By Mike Josiah and the Technical Staff at Uninet

    This cartridge is the latest in our “Easy to do” series. Toner cartridges that are very simple to remanufacture, do not need to be tested and have a high profit potential.

    Lexmark CS517

    The Lexmark CS517 is based on a 32ppm 2400 x 1200 DPI color engine. This series of printers has a first page out in under 9 seconds for black and comes with either 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB memory depending on the model. There are both color laser printers and color MFP machines in this series.

    The toner cartridge is a small square box style cartridge that houses the toner and reset chip. There are three different yield cartridges available for this series, the low yield, high yield and for the black only extra high yield. Lexmark still offers the Return program cartridges and “regular cartridges”. It’s interesting to note that for the Regular cartridges, only the XHY black and HY colors are available and those only for the 417 and 517 machines. There are no Regular cartridges listed for the 317 series. The Return Program has all the different yields available. But the HY cartridges do not work in the 317 and the Extra High Yield black is only for the 517 series.

    These cartridges should take no more than 5-10 minutes total to do.

    There are also drum units, developer units and a waste bottle used in these machines.

    New machines come with starter toner cartridges that have a yield of 3000 pages black and 1400 pages colors.

    The part numbers and list pricing for these toners are as follows:

    Return Program Low Yield (317,417,517)

    Black 71B10K0 3000 pages $91.99*
    Cyan 71B10C0 2300 pages $99.99*
    Magenta 71B10M0 3000 pages $99.99*
    Yellow 71B10Y0 3000 pages $99.99*

    Return Program High Yield (417,517 only)

    Black 71B1HK0 6000 pages $135.99*
    Cyan 71B1HC0 3500 pages $135.99*
    Magenta 71B1HM0 3500 pages $135.99*
    Yellow 71B1HY0 3500 pages $135.99*

    Return Program Extra High Yield (Black only, 517 only)

    Black 71B1XK0 8000 pages $142.99*

    Non-Return (Regular) High Yield (417,517 Only)

    Black 71B0H10 8000 pages $205.99* (517 series only. No Regular Cartridge for the 417)
    Cyan 71B0H20 3500 pages $198.99* (417,517)
    Magenta 71B0H30 3500 pages $198.99* (417,517)
    Yellow 71B0H40 3500 pages $198.99* (417,517)

    For the “regular” toners only the High yield, XHY Black is available.

    * Pricing as of August 1st 2019

    Current machines released so far are:



    Required Tools

    Toner approved vacuum.

    Small jewelers type screwdriver set

    Heat gun

    Required Supplies

    Toner for use in the CS517 toner cartridge: Choose the correct color and gram weight for your cartridge

    Replacement reset chip: Choose correct color and yield

    100% Silicon caulk (For possible fill plug leaks)

    Remanufacturing the cartridge:

    1) Vacuum the exterior of the cartridge

    2) With the heat gun, remove the top label See Figures 1&2

    Figure 1
    Figure 1

    Figure 2
    Figure 2

    3) Remove the fill plug from the toner cartridge. Dump the remaining toner. See Figure 3

    Figure 3
    Figure 3

    4) Carefully vacuum/blow the cartridge clean.

    5) Fill the cartridge with the appropriate color and amount of toner for use in the Lexmark CS517. Make sure you’re using the correct amount of toner to match your replacement chip. See Figure 4

    Figure 4
    Figure 4

    6) Replace the fill plug and check for leaks. The plugs are flexible so should not be damaged in removal. However if there is a leak, seal the perimeter of the plug with 100% silicon. The plug is very easy to knock inside when removing and re-installing so be careful. (Don’t ask how I know that!) See Figure 5

    Figure 5
    Figure 5

    7) Wipe the cartridge down to remove any remaining toner dust.

    8) Place the original label back over the fill plug or if damaged in removing, place a new label over it. See Figure 6

    Figure 6
    Figure 6

    9) Remove the small screw on the side of the chip section. See Figure 7

    Figure 7
    Figure 7

    10) Press in on the two tabs and release the chip holder. See Figures 8 & 9

    Figure 8
    Figure 8

    Figure 9
    Figure 9

    11) Remove the chip screw and chip. See Figure 10

    Figure 10
    Figure 10

    11) Install a new chip and replace the screw. See Figure 11

    Figure 11
    Figure 11

    12) Install the chip holder and screw. See Figure 12

    Figure 12
    Figure 12

    While it’s not necessary to remove, we are showing the encoder wheel assembly with the cover off purely for information only. See Figure 13

    Figure 13
    Figure 13

    That’s it! You’re done!

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