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We have seen the growth of the aftermarket first hand. In the 1980s when I started my business, demand for aftermarket products existed but many companies didn't realize the value of used, reconditioned, or remanufactured equipment and they were reluctant to even try to sell it. Realizing this after extensive research, I decided to start a publication to serve these customers. The first issue of Locator Magazine was published in March 1987. Our target was and still is to put buyers and sellers together, with our focus on office machines and business equipment that print use ink and toner. The buyers responded to the sellers in such a big way that they didn't have enough inventory to satisfy the demand. It created a new kind of business, increased the market size, and reduced the amount of equipment, parts and supplies that were sent to landfills and recycled as scrap.

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About Recyclers Network

Roger Asay, Owner & CEO, Asay Media Network

The Recyclers Network is a community for remanufacturers and other professionals who work in the aftermarket of business machines and consumables. It offers categories for discussions of industry topics and specific manufacturer concerns, as well as free posting for members in categories addressing cartridges, inkjets, ribbons, and service issues. The Recyclers Network is currently operated and moderated by Asay Media Network, owned by Roger Asay, founder of Locator Magazine.

Toward the end of 2003, Asay was approached by Richard Ash. He wanted to know if Asay had any interest in purchasing Recyclers' Forum, an online networked community that Ash owned. Ash was anxious to ensure that the forum would continue its leadership position and service to its members, since he had spent many years building up the features and traffic.

After adding state-of-the-art software and configuring custom features for the Asay-based website, the company activated Recyclers Forum: The One That Started the Talk — Since 1997, replacing "Your Portal for the Imaging Industry," in March 2004. The site was formally introduced at the I-ITC tradeshow and convention in April 2004 at Miami, FL. Many of our members are leaders in the cartridge recycling green movement. Compatibles have also become more prevalent with increased demand for recycled cartridges.

We remain committed to providing the best, easiest to use, most feature-rich forum of its kind on the Internet. In April 2012, we introduced a major upgrade with many new features and additional content. At the same time we changed from "" to "" to better reflect the site's proper place in our network of forums that includes and

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