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  • Genuine Lexmark Unison Toner versus Third-Party Toners in the Lexmark MS610 Printer

    Posted on Lexmark.com

    "Comparative Performance Testing -

    Test Objective

    Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) was commissioned by Lexmark International Inc. (Lexmark) to conduct an independent lab evaluation testing the performance of genuine Lexmark Unison Toner cartridges against third-party toner cartridges in Lexmark MS610 mono laser printers. To give a global representation of third-party toner, Lexmark selected third-party brands from North America, Europe, South America and Asia. Three of these brands were remanufactured cartridges, while the fourth brand was a clone cartridge (newly manufactured). Cartridges from all four brands of third-party toner cartridges were purchased for BLI by secret shoppers in retail channels. The 80-day test was conducted at BLI’s 13,500-square-foot test lab located in Fairfield, NJ (USA; www.buyerslab.com).

    More than 1 million pages were printed during the test. The test was run using new Lexmark MS610 printers in “Factory Default” mode, with each printer dedicated to testing a specific cartridge brand to preserve data integrity and avoid cross contamination of toner. All printers used genuine Lexmark Imaging Units throughout the test. Identical two-sided (duplex) print jobs with 2.8% page coverage were run using genuine Lexmark Unison Toner cartridges and third-party toner cartridges. Printers were run until they displayed a cartridge or imaging unit replacement message on their display panel. When the message appeared, either the toner cartridge or imaging unit was
    replaced, and the test continued. To determine overall value, the Lexmark Unison Print system was evaluated throughout the test in the following areas: page yield, toner containment, paper feed reliability, print quality, toner cartridge installation and communication." . . . [Read More at Lexmark.com]