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  • Cartridges Found to Cause Defects if Remanufactured More Than Once

    Report from The Recycler.com:

    "Spanish remanufacturer Reciclados del Cinca finds that HP 300 XL and 301 XL colour cartridges cannot be remanufactured effectively more than once after many are returned with defects.

    Reciclados del Cinca, which is also a member of ETIRA, has announced that it 'cannot accept recycled housings' of HP 300 XL and 301 XL colour cartridges 'seeing that we can not guarantee the reliability of the second use cartridges' and 'we can not guarantee its proper operation;' with the company noticing 'an increase in cartridge returns' of the two models..." [Read more at therecycler.com]